SEO for Cryptocurrencies – is there a difference?

As cryptocurrency has grown as an industry and created its very own sector, there is a growing need for businesses to take this currency seriously. Data as at 7th January 2018, shows that there are more than 1,300 different cryptocurrencies available around the world, and this number continues to rise.

SEO for Cryptocurrencies

Why is SEO for cryptocurrencies important?

Cryptocurrencies differ from regular currencies as they have a brand, an image and operate in a crowded market. Therefore search engines will be your friend to bring in quality traffic to your ICO or cryptocurrency-related site. Getting the SEO for cryptocurrencies right on your site is just as important to make sure search engines recognise you for the right search terms and most importantly, trusts your website.

If a search engine like Google trusts your website, your content and your message, it is more likely to present your site to people searching for keywords similar to those on your site.

Fine-tune your SEO

How do you get your cryptocurrency to stand out in a market like this?

Any cryptocurrency marketing strategy should start here – Make sure you understand what your site is telling search engines, a SEO audit can quickly identify the signals that are working or hindering your cryptocurrency marketing efforts.

You can pick through your website, one page at a time, or you can hire an agency like Salted Panda to perform an audit for you and get you on track to success.

Cryptocurrency SEO Keywords

How do I choose the right keywords?

This takes time and experience, but essentially should reflect what your potential customers are searching for. Understanding how many searches are happening on which keywords helps even SEO for cryptocurrencies begin to create a powerful cryptocurrency keyword list.

At Salted Panda, we recommend the first place to begin understanding the right SEO keywords is Google’s Keyword Planner. Here your cryptocurrency marketing strategy will begin to take shape as to how you approach this niche market.

Often agencies will offer this service as an additional, at Salted Panda we offer these insights it as standard as part of our fixed price SEO packages.

Getting ICO Ready

Now that your site is sending the right messages to search engines and attracting customers, you can get on and think about the next steps of your business. The job of SEO is never finished as competitors will be pivoting and responding to your updated position in the market as they begin to perceive you as a new threat.

To stay on the cutting edge and ready to update your cryptocurrency marketing strategy most businesses approach Salted Panda (and other agencies) to maintain that competitive advantage by using our fixed price SEO packages. In this way we are able to work with our clients to keep them relevant on search engine results, using mixed strategies that conform to the latest trends and keep your marketing strategy proactive in your highly competitive niche.

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