On demand SEO packages

The most powerful fixed price SEO packages available today.
Designed to rocket you to the top of Google. No monthly fees, no subscriptions.


Fixed price SEO packages

Ultimate offsite SEO with powerful link strategies, implemented
by professionals, designed to rocket your SERP results

SEO package prices in USD


  • Ideal for very low competition keywords
    or domains under 6 months old

  • $299
  • One-time payment

  • One page/URL
    1 - 3 keywords
    14 - 21 days delivery
    View case study

  • Ideal for low competition keywords
    and domains over 1 year old.

  • $499
  • One-time payment

  • One page/URL
    1 - 3 keywords
    14 - 21 days delivery
    View case study

  • Ideal for low-medium competition keywords
    and domains over 1 year old.

  • $799
  • One-time payment

  • One page/URL
    1 - 3 keywords
    14 - 25 days delivery
    View case study

  • Ideal for medium-high competition keywords
    and domains over 18 months old.

  • $1199
  • One-time payment

  • One page/URL
    1 - 3 keywords
    20 - 30 days delivery
    View case study
No Matter What

All we do is win

These are fixed price SEO packages that are google-safe and tested extensively by the Salted Panda team. They are updated regularly to ensure best practises – and maximum results – are delivered time and time again. They represent affordable SEO packages for small businesses or large enterprises looking to increase their page results in google without the need for monthly subscriptions or ongoing campaigns.

These are deemed ‘off-site’ SEO packages that employ strategical back-linking through proprietary techniques under the supervision of the Salted Panda team. We do not require admin access or make any changes to your website, but we do offer a few onsite ‘ideals’ that will help improve your results even more (these helpful techniques are documented in the purchase PDF after your order is confirmed).

Salted Panda also offers ongoing SEO services that are bespoke to you (your company/brand/business) and your goals. You can learn more about our ongoing SEO services here:

Ongoing SEO services
Who are they for?
  • Small, Medium, International Businesses
  • Freelancers, Bloggers, Affiliates.
  • Anyone Who Needs Higher Rankings!
What’s is included?
  • Offsite Optimisation
  • Team-wide Implementation
  • Authoritative¬†Backlinks
  • Increased Rankings
  • Google-safe Techniques
Other Details
  • Fixed Price SEO Packages¬†
  • No Subscriptions or Contracts
  • SEO Price List exclusive of VAT
  • Variable Implementation Time
  • Improvements Continue for 90 – 120 Days
What we don’t do
  • Poor Results
  • Overly Inflated Prices
  • Try and Up-sell You Stuff You Don’t Need
  • Keep a Pet Dog as ‘Our Mascot’

It’s time you regained
control in Google

Firstly, we would like to take the time to clear up something: Our fixed price SEO packages are not to be confused with other ‘cheap SEO packages’ that you may see dotted across the internet.

All our SEO packages are time-tested, results-based, google-safe, implemented by a professional team, and represent some of the best SEO packages available today. It just so happens that our prices are fair; not over-inflated for namesake, or prestige, but reflective of man-hours saved through competence – and this is reinforced through all our SEO pricing.

There remains a lot of naysay surrounding fixed price SEO packages in general. And whilst some can get bad press we believe (as do our repeat clients) that they continue to serve a strong purpose.

For those with limited capital resources, or those not looking for monthly SEO packages with recurring subscriptions and contracts, they can be an invaluable resource for those looking to increase their SERP results. Salted Panda delivers some of the best SEO packages – period.

Power, professionalism, perfection: Executed by a team – not one man and his dog.

Salted Panda takes all the benefits of an agency and combines them into four powerful packages designed to increase your search engine results.

We remove the ongoing fees, monthly subscriptions and dubious terms to provide some of the most powerful, fixed price SEO packages available today. All our packages are thoroughly researched, and are the product of the time-tested experience and expertise of our team.

Simply put, these are some the best SEO packages available today. We forgo the hype, highly-inflated prices, confusion and simply deliver the results you need. Each package is inclusive of one URL and three keywords of your choosing – so just select what you want and leave the rest to us.



All the power.

No subscriptions, no monthly fuss. 

Our methodology is the Future2

All our methods are white-hat, google-safe, time-tested, and updated monthly by our team to ensure maximum power and alignment with Google’s guidelines at all times, now and in future.

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Case Studies

Here’s what to expect & when to expect it.

Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study


How long do you take to deliver?

Our implementation times vary depending on the package you have ordered. Generally speaking, it will take us 14 – 30 days to finish our work.

Once our work is done it is then up to Google to ‘do it’s thing’. Most clients start to report results at around the 60 – 90 day mark, and upward movements can continue for up to 6 months following completion of our work.

Can you get me to number one?

Okay, we need to be clear here… Whilst some of our clients hit the coveted top position in Google – it really is not that simple. Some industries and keywords are very competitive. Hitting the top spot for keywords such as; ‘buy MacBook’ or ‘make money online’ would be extremely unlikely.

We can guarantee that the URL and keywords you provide us will increase in rank. If you a wondering how competitive your keywords are, or have no idea what a keyword is, then please get in touch.

Which package(s) is/are right for me?

Here is a very simple guide to help:

Penguin: New sites or very-low competition keywords

Hummingbird: Sites over one year old or low competition keywords

Leopard: Sites over one year old or low-medium competition keywords

Panda: Sites over one year old or medium-high competition keywords

What if I have multiple pages/orders?

Ooo! Tough call on this one. It really depends on you and your budget.

You can continue to optimise each page in turn by ordering from our fixed price SEO packages, however, if you have a large site (or dream of becoming one) then it may be best to consider our ongoing SEO service(s) instead.

Do you include a report?

Yes we do. Please note, that we do not disclose a link index report as we view this as our own private network that is proprietary work unto us

I am a small business, is this right for me?

All types of business need SEO, whether they realise it or not.

We offer specific SEO packages for small business because we understand you’re different to large businesses. We make sure that our SEO packages for small business are still just as effective, because the competition is fierce for small businesses too.

Take a look at our best SEO packages and see which suits you, we recommend Penguin or Hummingbird.