Leopard SEO Package

Case study and results

Case Study Overview

An important note, this client case study was for a keyword that was highly competitive. Our package managed to not only return a page one result, but a position one result!

The clients’ URL/domain was optimised which helped to achieve these spectacular results. However, on-page optimisation aside, this is a stellar result and testament to the power of this package. This was a client seeking to improve their domain ranking for some ‘big ticket’ affiliate products and our SEO package did just that!


Affiliate, sales 

Keyword competition

Medium – High


Google page 1, position 1

Starting at page two.

We delivered page one!

The client’s URL was positioned around the mid-level of page 2 for a highly competitive keyword.

Results below display an upward rank movement of 1.3 pages resulting in a final page 1 result (position 1 of Google). Remember this was a high competition keyword.

Starting position: Mid-top of page 2 of google.
Period of adjustment as our work is picked up in google.
One month later: Page 1 of google, position 1!!
High competition keyword
Page 1 position 1 result

Client names and their domains are not disclosed in the interests of privacy.  




One of the best and most powerful SEO packages available today!

Delivery time

10-14 days

Please allow us at least 21 days to implement.