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Corporate & Personal Management

We aim to resolve all reputation problems a fast as humanly possible. Please get touch before purchase.
We can usually offer bespoke services for those with one-off or unique issues.

Removing the bad

Salted Panda helps displace negative content about yourself or your business. We tailor our approach to suit your problems, and our online reputation management service is second-to-none.

Review removal: We work to remove reviews at the source.
Content displacement: We put the good news ontop of the bad.
Proprietary work: Most of our methods are proprietary unto us. It works and works well!
Proprietary methods

Salted Panda uses it’s own in-house methods. These methods are bespoke to us, work quickly and effectively, keep your costs down, and restore your online reputation across an inclusive range of media channels

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is the process of controlling what shows up when someone looks up your business or your name online. From our end, it’s the business of identifying, ‘cleaning up’ and displacing any damaging content about you online, such as negative Google results, risky social media posts and images, anonymous ‘review’ sites. On the other-side of the coin, online reputation management also involves the promotion of positive content through modern SEO techniques and time-tested methods.

Why Online Reputation Management Matters

How you look online directly impacts your business, sales, career and reputation. Negative items that appear at the top of Google search results pages (SERPs) are increasingly likely to be read by potential customers, clients and employers. Ensuring these results are kept as low as possible or removed entirely, is directly proportional to your success online.

How Salted Panda can help

Simply put, we help in the exact context you’re searching for! If you need bad press displaced from page one of Google – we can do this too. In fact, we can help in most cases regardless of the scale or nature.

Salted Panda offers corporate reputation management, personal reputation repair, internet reputation review, and broad-scale reputation management services designed to meet your needs.

Preliminaries: You have questions and so do we.

Online reputation management is a broad term and encompasses a range of problems – from poor reviews to multi-channel problems – so it’s best we talk things over in an informal setting first. We try to work within all budgets and are not afraid to discuss approximate prices, and best-case solutions.

At Salted Panda we are straight-talking. So if we feel alternative routes would provide you with a more cost-effective solution (such as legal advice, easy self-fixes) then we will let you know.


We solve 60%
of reputation management issues
within 5 months

Quote & commission: Fifty-fifty until the very end.

Once we understand your issues – and the magnitude of them – we will draw up a quote. Relax a little! We will have already discussed approximate costs with you through our initial correspondence, and our quotes will be inline with approximations, and detail fully our obligations. We’d rather you are happy and confident at all times, so if you have questions or concerns you can reach out to us at anytime.

If you are happy to go ahead, then we will politely ask for 50% of the total quoted price upfront. At this point – barring ongoing communications – this is all you have to do. The remaining 50% is due only upon successful completion of our work (detailed fully within the quote).

On the watch, not the clock.

Once our work is done – and only when you are happy  – will the remaining balance be invoiced. As much as we like what we do, we want to make sure you will never need us again.

As part of our service we will include ‘future-proof’ recommendations. This advice is not billed, and serves to provide you with some proactive steps to maintain a clean reputation.


I have multiple problems/issues, can you help?

Yes. A great deal of the time multiple problems can be solved through similar actions. If this is the case, then our work is either repeatable or minimised, so we should still be able to keep our costs as low as possible.

I have a bad review on a review website - can you remove it?

The answer is, it depends. Despite bold claims from other sites, there is no magic ‘removal’ button. Certain content may be illegal, defamatory, libel and have legal grounds for removal. In instances where content cannot be removed the next best approach is displacement off of page one.

The best course of action is to get in touch.

Someone has put up a bad site about us, can you help?

It happens often and, yes, we can help!

Can you handle video reviews?

Yes, the majority of the time we can. We would also recommend further steps to mitigate against further uploads.

Do you offer ongoing management?

Yes we do on a discretionary basis. For entities with large scale problems, or continued attacks, this can be a viable option.